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Largest theropod foot print? :iconkirkseven:kirkseven 1 0 Mucpv 95 vs FMNH PR2081 'Sue' :iconkirkseven:kirkseven 6 15 UCMP 118742 v.s 'Sue' :iconkirkseven:kirkseven 1 12 044152 :iconkirkseven:kirkseven 0 4


Popular giant Theropods size comparison. :iconfranoys:Franoys 37 37 Tick Tock :iconrandomdinos:randomdinos 124 97 Giganotosaurus carolinii skeletal reconstructions :iconspinoinwonderland:SpinoInWonderland 53 60 The leg bone is connected to the... :iconscotthartman:ScottHartman 222 34 Plunderer from Utah :iconscotthartman:ScottHartman 402 392 Argentinosaurus skeletal diagram :iconjonagold2000:JonaGold2000 105 58 Allosaurus fragilis :iconspinoinwonderland:SpinoInWonderland 47 8 Sunset :iconxezansaur:Xezansaur 88 9 Acrocanthosaurus atokensis :iconmicrocosmicecology:MicrocosmicEcology 100 10 Spinosaurus A :iconraph04art:Raph04art 495 24 Double-beam reptile :iconscotthartman:ScottHartman 126 42 Liopleurodon Ferox 2 :iconphillip2001:Phillip2001 5 53
A mathematical analysis on Giganotosaurus mass.
First of all, the results:

Conclussions , methodology, and anatomical references: 
For those who don't know which method was used, I recommend reading the previous journal entry, about a mathematical anaylsis on Spinosaurus mass , another legendary carnivorous dinosaur; and this excelent post by SVPOW.
Overall the method intends to construct a simplified 3D model of the animal by building eliptical cross sections and adding them up, given two views of each of it's body sections. The analysis is performed by a matlab mathematical script with pixel accuracy.
The skeletal used is my own bet on the animal. Sadly, and despite more than 22 years having passed since the animal was first (and very briefly) described, most of it's material is not described in detail, specially the axia
:iconfranoys:Franoys 11 14
Deinonychus Prey Restraint :iconewilloughby:EWilloughby 310 95 Spinosaurus aegyptiacus specimens. :iconrandomdinos:randomdinos 118 57
Ramblings part 1
Thank you all for the birthday wishes :)
Planet Earth II:
Short review: Great series with lovely visuals, soundtrack and narration. I won't spoil much but the part about the snow leopard were awesome.
So I apparently watched leaked episodes, after finishing the series I want and talked about the show with some people about it on Skype and one brought up that the show hadn't aired completely yet, so I asked them, how many episodes were planned? ''6, 4 aired so far and the next one is the plains one I believe.'' It kinda took me by surprise :P
I had a discussion via DA notes with :iconbrolyeuphyfusion9500: about this a while back and I later discussed it with others like :iconpaleop: and :iconfranoys:. Broly's version of it is based off of a humerus which some estimate to be 545mm. They then proceed to scale this humerus using Big Al, a small armed Allosaurus based upon a study showing that generally speaking, larger
:iconjonagold2000:JonaGold2000 5 20



Largest theropod foot print?
Just poking Fun at 19IGR trackmaker, a bolivian abelisaurand ichnotaxon and undescribed 'Giant' T.rex foot prints apparently larger than Sue and all other dinosaur-related foot prints for that matter ;)
nothing to get upset over.

although the reliability of scaling from foot prints like this and getting accurate results are extremely low... this is mostly just for fun :)
UCMP 118742 v.s 'Sue'
a size comparison between UCMP 118742 and 'Sue'

CM 9380 has a 64 cm maxilla compared to the 81 cm maxilla of UCMP 118742 it would be approximately 14.9 meters long and 15.18 tonnes if it had the same proportions as CM 9380. 

UCMP 118742`s size here is derived from CM 9380, this is not factual only a possibility.

Skeletal`s are made by

(This is why scaling is unreliable)


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SpinoInWonderland Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2017
The ballpark I refer to is about ~4-8 tonnes.
Veterufreak Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's a pretty vague ballpark xD I suppose Velociraptor is in the same ballpark as Allosaurus then, within 0-4 tonnes.
Well, I would put Acrocanthosaurus at 6,500 kilograms maximum (that's using a thick hump) while Sue is easily 8,400 kilograms, and most adult T. rex are 7,000+ kilograms. The only "adult" T. rex the size of Fran is Wankel, which is a T. rex that seems to not actually be a skeletally mature adult. It is definitely sexually mature but it definitely had a bit of growing to go, probably mostly in general robustness rather than length. Probably a bit of length as well though. I would not classify Acrocanthosaurus on the same level of size as Tyrannosaurus, or Spinosaurus or Giganotosaurus for that matter. However Acrocanthosaurus can get relatively close to Giga, so maybe they're in the same general size range (saying ballpark got old).
(1 Reply)
kirkseven Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2017
oh ok :)

would you agree with the idea of Acrocanthosaurus being somewhat smaller than Tyrannosaurus and Giganotosaurus ?
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randomdinos Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
do you still have your estimates for large fragmentary Tyrannosaurus specimens? it may be important

I remember seeing a comment of yours of what they were based upon and their sizes, but I lost it.
kirkseven Featured By Owner Edited Dec 11, 2016

MOR 008 would be 11.97-12.22 meters long based off of AMNH 5027 and 7.23-7.7 tonnes (assuming AMNH 5027 was 6.93 tonnes)

UCMP 118742 would be 11.79 meters long based off of Stan and would weigh about 7.82 tonnes assuming Stan was 6.85 tonnes

"Dynamosaurus" should be 12.32 meters long and 8.4 tonnes seeing as its bones match the size of Sue`s

LACM 23844 would be ~12 meters long and 8.19 tonnes  scaling up Stans 131 cm Skull to 139 cm.

BHI 4182 is close in size to LACM 23844, scaling from it would yield a size of 11.84 meters long and a weight of 7.92 tonnes

CM 1400 would be 11.1 meters long and ~6.5 tonnes based off of Stan, but thats assuming it had a large Skull,

based off of AMNH 5027 it would be 12.63 meters long and 8.5 tonnes.

a breif Summery :

MOR 008              12.1  meters long-------7.5 tonnes

UCMP 118742      11.8 meters long--------7.8 tonnes

"Dynamosaurus"  12.3 meters long--------8.4 tonnes

LACM 23844        12.0 meters long--------8.2 tonnes

BHI 4182             11.8 meters long-------7.9 tonnes

CM 1400              12.6 meters long-------8.5 tonnes  (see text)                

not sure if these were the specimens you wanted numbers for but these are the only ones i could find/think of at the moment let me know if you whanted to see numbers for a diffront fragmantary specimen i forgot about.

Sources :…
randomdinos Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
thank you!

yeah that's everything i wanted to know pretty much, even more actually. I didn't even know CM 1400 or BHI 4182.
kirkseven Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2016
no problem!
snugglesthedinosaur Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
thx for the watch!
kirkseven Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2016
no problem!
kirkseven Featured By Owner Edited Sep 9, 2016
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